Host Your Own DIY Spa Day at Your Raleigh Apartment

What makes for a better girls outing than a spa day? Visiting a local luxury spa can get pricey, so residents of Raleigh apartments may be interested in throwing a DIY spa day. Not only is this easier on the wallet, it can add a fun factor that you wouldn’t get in an actual spa. Here are some great tips for hosting your own spa day.

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  • Create your own hand softening cream. A homemade hand cream such as The Happy Housewife’s homemade Lavender Hand Cream can soften your hands as well as smell great with calming lavender.
  • Use a homemade face mask. With homemade face masks, you know what goes into it and what you’re using on your skin. Face masks are easy to make and affordable as well. Try one of these Garden of Beauty mask recipes.
  • At Home Spa Pedicure. At home pedicures are simple and affordable, they just require a little patience. Follow these simple steps for a spa pedicure at home.

What are some of your favorite things to do at a DIY spa day?

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